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Hong Kong Pride 2009 Organizing Committee

Women Coalition of HKSAR
Midnight Blue
Rainbow of Hong Kong
Gay Harmony

Our Team

Chief Director: Connie Chan (Women Coalition of HKSAR)

Chief Commander: Liklik (Women Coalition of HKSAR)

Secretary: siu CHO (Nutong Xueshe)

Office Manager: Waiwai (Women Coalition of HKSAR)

Treasurer: Wai (Midnight Blue)

Parade Coordinator: Wai (Midnight Blue)

Start Point Coordinator: Liklik (Women Coalition of HKSAR)

Final Point Coordinator: Francis Tang (Gay Harmony)

Site Logistics Coordinator: Jimmy (Rainbow of Hong Kong)

Deputy Stage Manager: Connie Chan, Liklik (Women Coalition of HKSAR)

Marketing and Promotion: Waiwai, Connie Chan (Women Coalition of HKSAR), Francis Tang (Gay Harmony)

Volunteer Team Co-leader :Karen (Women Coalition of HKSAR), Tin (Gay Harmony)

Security Team Leader: Joe (Women Coalition of HKSAR)




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