Hong Kong Pride Parade 2008 Financial Report

Apology and Gratitudes Declaration
  1. Hong Kong Pride Parade 2008 Organizing Committee (“The Committee”) has cooperated with various organizations for the first time this year. We would like to apologize for our delay in giving our financial report. In 2009, we would continue to use a serious attitude to face our financial issues, and publicly issue our financial report within 3 months of the parade.
  2. Two weeks before the parade commenced in 2008, we still miss $20,000 of production fee, the Committee would like to issue an apology and gratitude in this regard. Because of this issue, the Committee has greatly utilized the volunteers’ effort in all the preparation work and logistic work of the Parade. The utilization areas include webpage design and management, all graphics design, translation, stage production, music production, publicity, fundraising, souvenirs production, human resource management, documentary work of Parade. We greatly apologize for this great demand of our volunteers and would like to extend our sincere gratitudes to all the involved parties.
Webpage design and production
Licenses and Insurance
Souvenirs Preparation
Parade props
Transportations of Parade
Stage rental and production
Backstage materials
Parade documentation and production 
1214 Meeting Expenses (F&B and Logistics)
1214 China, Taiwan, HK Exchange Meeting Transportation expenses
Volunteers debrief tea meeting
Bank Charges
Total Expenses
Pre-parade Facilities/Parties Fundraising
Donation from Organizations
Donation from individuals
Souvenirs Fundraising
Parade Party Fundraising
Total Income

Remaining from last year : $77,877.60

* Include Club97, Explode, Fruits In Suits (Gathering), Les Peches (Party), Temptation21, Tongzhi Literature Group (Gathering), Tivo Tea Dance, Volume, Midnight Blue Fundraising party at Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival, miscellaneous gay and lesbian gathering locations
# Include Queer Sisters, Hong Kong Ten Percent Club, Woman Coalition of HKSAR, Rainbow China/Rainbow Action, Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship, Transgender Resource Center, Hong Kong Aids Concern, Beijing Love Knowledge Action
$ Include Barnabas Wu, Empty + Boteara, Ho Wing Hong Leo, Stephen Golden, Travin Yip
@ Parade party is co-organized by Les Peches and Fruits in Suits, the financial report of this party will be written by this two organizations
· Mr. Cheung Kam Hung has verbally consent to donate $10,000. It was found later in the webpage that the exact donation amount is $5000.
· We thank you each individuals and organizations to donate according to their abilities.
· Welcome for your feedbacks.
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