Hotel & Visitor Guide

Time Zone
Hong Kong is 8 hours ahead of GMT, same time zone as China, Taiwan, Singpapore.
Most hotels use 220 volts, three-plug. We suggest bringing an adaptor for your computer and other appliances.
The currency is HKD ($). Bank notes come in denominations of HKD 1.000, HKD 500, HKD 100, HKD50, HKD20 and HKD10. Please note that bank notes are issued by three different banks in Hong Kong, their design is totally different. In Hong Kong, there is rare case about faked noted HKD 500 or bellow amount.
Octopus card
Octopus Card is suggested. $150 ($100 value and $50 deposit).You could use Octopus Card in all Public transport (except taxi) and big-chained convenience shops. Please note that if you return the Card within 3 months, HKD7 will be charged. You could Octopus Card in all MTR stations.
Tourist Day Pass
Listed Price: HK$55.0
Ticket entitles any 1 day of unlimited travel on MTR (except Airport Express, MTR Bus, East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations) within 1 month from day of issue.
There are a lot of exchange shops in hotel regions (eg. Mong KoK, Jordon, Tsim Sha Tsiu, Wanchai, Causeway Bay. The exchange rates offered of authorised money changers are generally better than the banks; they also stay open longer and transactions are quicker. Look around for variable exchange rates advertised on boards along the footpaths or windows outside shops. Always ask about any commission imposed before the exchange as many money changers with better rates often charge a small commission.
Credit Cards
Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted by most of the larger businesses.
Most restaurants, bars and hotels add a 10% to your bill for service. An extra tip for the workers would be highly appreciated since the frontline workers are poorly paid. A rough guide for tipping would be to add a $5,- or $20,- in restaurants and bars. For taxi rides, round up the fare to the next $1 to $10.
According to Hong Kong Observatory, the average temperate of Hong Kong in November is 21.4℃between 19.4℃至24℃. Day with rains is 4 days averagely. While sightseeing, it is suggested to bring a thin coat in case the temperature is too cold under indoor setting.
The country code for Hong Kong is 852. You could buy a mobile sim card in Hong Kong for communication.
Internet services are available in hotels and inn, you have to ask for the rate before you use it. It is hard to find cyber cafes because using personal pc or notebook is very common in Hong Kong now.



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