Theme of Parade: Dare to LOVE
In the past year, the Hong Kong society has experienced a great deal of changes. We have seen, again, large advertisements in newspapers and magazines opposing same-sex marriage. There are candidates in the Legislative Council who support an LGBT platform along with those who advocate conversion therapies. There are even pastors who compare homosexuality to drug abuse and robbery. In the middle of this year, the Hong Kong government stated again that there is no time table for the legislation of anti-discrimination law on the ground of sexual orientation and claimed that the enactment of the Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance sparks off social differentiation in Hong Kong. However, there are celebrities and legislative councillor willing to come out of the closet and enthusiastically make their voices heard regarding social justice.
If you…
Dare to ACT
Dare to HAPPY
Dare to LOVE….

Be brave and take a stand on the 10th of November, 2012 for what you believe in and for all the people you love, regardless of their gender and sexuality!
Dress code

Participants of the parade are encouraged to wear outfits that represent different professions as a gesture of supporting an equitable environment to our LGBT community in the workplace.




捐款 Donation:
恆生銀行 Hang Seng Bank
Collected by Women Coaliton of HKSAR)