Theme & Key Visual of HKP2018

We are pleased to announce the theme for Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018: “Call for the law, equality for all’

To allow people of different genders and sexual orientations to live as equals in society is a global trend. Yet, Hong Kong citizens remain unprotected by its law against sexual orientation discrimination. According to recent figures published by The University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Programme, a majority of over 2/3 citizens are supportive of relevant legislations. This shows that the truth will not be buried amid conservative groups’ smear campaigns; wise citizens will choose to stand on the side of equality and harmony.

This year, we adopted the theme of “Call for the law, equality for all’ so that more can be introduced to a fundamental principle in human rights – we are all born with freedom, equal dignity and rights. Through promoting anti-discrimination ideals, we will persuade the government to shoulder its responsibility to legislate the sexual discrimination ordinance, thus allowing the spirit of equality to manifest in Hong Kong.

Key Visual

The Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018 Key Visual – Butterfly

The different patterns of every pair of butterfly wings makes it beautiful and attractive. The Hong Kong government established laws to conserve butterflies as it is not easy for a butterfly to present its beautifulness and uniqueness without a suitable environment. Similar to a butterfly, we need a rich environment to truly be ourselves. In order to have a discrimination free and diverse environment, establishing legislation towards sexual orientation discrimination is inevitable.

Those who participate in the Hong Kong Pride Parade this year are all beautiful and unique. We build together an equal and diverse environment. Let us spread out our wings and call for the sexual orientation discrimination law.