Rainbow Ambassador

Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee, barrister and ex-member of Legislative Council

Barrister and ex-member of Legislative Council Margaret Ng have been actively advocating for LGBTQI rights for many years. At the Consultation Forum for General Public for the Legislation against Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status, launched by EOC in 2014, Margaret has said that, ‘The Anti-Discrimination Legislation is an essential step, but not the only step,’ which clearly brings out the importance of the legislation to safeguard LGBTQI individuals from discrimination, yet also illustrates the long and winding road in eliminating discrimination.

We are honoured to have Margaret Ng as one of our Rainbow Ambassadors this year. With Margaret’s clear thinking and sharp words, we hope that her eloquence can help us in dismantling the absurdity of the hate-spreading discriminative theories.



Kate Yeung, actress

Kate Yeung is a Hong Kong actress who has received multiple nominations for the Hong Kong Golden Award and Taiwan Golden Horse Award. Her performing talents are well received, and her character portrayals are very popular among Hongkongers. Kate is also remarkably known for her amicable, enthusiastic, and lively personality. We hope that all members of the LGBTQI community in Hong Kong can be as optimistic, passionate and joyous as Kate.

Kate is one of the Rainbow Ambassadors for Hong Kong Pride Parade 2019. We hope that her charm and popularity will arouse an interest in issues regarding the LGBTQI community, and help the general public understand the importance of equal human rights.