Rainbow Ambassador

‘Call for the Law, Equality for All’ is the theme for the Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018. It is with great pleasure and honour for us to have Hon Claudia Mo Man-ching from the Legislative Council, Dr. Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, Chairperson of The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and famous artist Amanda Lee Wai Man as Rainbow Ambassadors in this year’s parade. In the coming year, our Rainbow Ambassadors will be striving for equality in Hong Kong, spreading the belief of equal rights and anti-discrimination.


Legislator Hon Claudia Mo Man-ching

Hon Claudia Mo is a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, representing the Kowloon West geographical constituency, as well as a well-known professional journalist. Hon Claudia Mo speaks excels in Chinese and English as well as analyzing current affairs in journalist viewpoints. She continuously protects Hong Kong core values in and out of the council for years. In the past years, she supported LGBT+ issues determinately under the pressure of the conservative groups. In the coming year, we hope Hon Claudia Mo can gather support from the democracy camp for LGBT+ rights issue and pass the spirit of anti-discrimination to different community in Hong Kong.


Dr. Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, Chairperson of The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is a government-funded statutory body responsible for implementing the various anti-discrimination ordinances in Hong Kong. The Commission is committed to promoting diversity and equality, fostering an inclusive society in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Since he took up the post, he learned about LGBT+ issues and enhanced the gender friendly measures with LGBT+ parties. In the past, EOC successfully lobbied the HKMA and 16 banks to open the option of hiding the title, for the ease of transgender people to live. Moreover, they made an effort to make most of the malls to setup gender friendly toilet. We invited Dr. Chan to be our Rainbow Ambassador this year to recognize the effort made by the EOC. We hope that the ECO can take a step further to protect the right for the sexual minorities.


Hong Kong pop singer and actress Amanda Lee Wai Man

In the past, LGBT+ can only live in the closet. Even if they can find the right one, they cannot date under the daylight and be blessed by the others. In the time of sadness, Amanda’s songs are the best company for the heart breaking moments. Recently, Amanda participated in an art film talking about transgenders, hoping to let the public know how miserable the life of a transgender can be. She has shown her full support to LGBT+ issues and their equal rights of love. It is our pleasure to have Amanda as our Rainbow Ambassador in the Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018, promoting equal rights together. We hope that everyone can have the right to love under the shining rainbow as we believe that every love story deserves to have a happy ending.