Rainbow Ambassador

Siufay, Singer

“Coming out” is the honest self-disclosure of one’s non-conformative gender or sexual orientation. Due to the discrimination that arose from gender or sexual orientation, some would be under the distress on whether to hide or to be honest about their gender or sexual orientation. Therefore, “coming out” and “discrimination” often come in pairs.

Every sexual minority would be under the struggle of “coming out”, which is especially agonising for public figures as they would face huge repercussions on various aspects of life, such as their work, social lives and livelihoods. This year, famous artist Siufay casually admitted that he likes males in a talk show directly. Siufay’s coming out is hugely encouraging to the LGBTQ community, and his undauntedness in his coming out is the demonstration that we are all different.

Thank you Siufay for being the rainbow ambassador of 2020, and for supporting us to be our extraordinary selves

Figo Chan, Convener, Civil Human Rights Front

Policy to law initiatives has always been the concern of the LGBTQ+ movement, as beneficial welfare improvements could be brought to sexual minorities through the correction of injustices in policies and the law. Connecting the entire civil society network is an equally important job. On one hand, this could raise awareness on LGBTQ+ related issues amongst groups and individuals who actively participate in the society, and on the other hand, the notion of equal rights could be spread through civic education.

In 2005, a homophobic organisation’s petition with over 10 thousand signatures nakedly exposed the homophobic nature of Hong Kong’s society. Back then, the Civil Human Rights Front had chosen to side with the minorities, and invited LGBTQ+ organisations to lead the protest at the forefront, thus urging the society to look at LGBTQ+ issues through a human rights perspective. This is arguably one of the most important turning points of the Hong Kong LGBTQ+ movement.

Hong Kong Pride Parade has invited the convenor of Civil Human Rights Front, Figo Chan, to be our Rainbow Ambassador for this year, in the hopes that the civic society would stand together with sexual minorities, and defend each and every Hongkongers’ entitled human rights.