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We urgently need your support to make the history.
PRIDE DAY – 01 days to go! PRIDE DAY – HK$5,000 donation and 30 volunteers needed~
** 台前幕後義工急需100名!URGENT: 100 volunteers needed **
24/11-12/12: 到同志場所派單張、籌備工作、製作道具
13/12遊行日: 內地及台灣朋友接待(需懂國語)、糾察、攝影、佈置、急救、舞台監督、拍攝錄影
義工報名: 請將你的姓名、電話、電郵、你有空的日期時間、及你願意擔當的工作(如上述那些), 電郵至info@hkpride. net。主題請註明"我係義工"。
24/11-12/12: Flyer distribution, event organizing, props making
13/12 March Day: Reception for friends from mainland China and Taiwan (Mandarin required), patrol, video shooting, photo taking, decoration, first-aid, stage managing
Volunteer application: Please send your Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Your Available Date and Time, Position that you are willing to take up to info@hkpride.net. Please name your email as “I am a volunteer”.

所有義工必須出席義工簡介會 All volunteers must attend briefing session
第一場簡介會 1st briefing session
Date & Time: 8p.m. , 24th November,2008.
Venue: Jordon, Kowloon
We will send you the detail through email.

第二場簡介會 2nd briefing session
Date & Time: 8p.m. , 3rd December,2008.
Venue: Jordon, Kowloon
We will send you the detail through email.

** 急需捐款HK$5,000製作費!URGENT: Donation of HK$5,000 for production expenses **
預計活動製作費超過5萬元,現在仍需要約3萬元,請捐款支持我們。捐款請存入恆生銀行戶口,289-539272-001 (戶口名稱 Women Coalition of HKSAR),請電郵info@hkpride.net寫下姓名及捐款以作紀錄。如蒙贊助任何貨品及服務,亦請電郵我們詳談。
The budget for the event production is over $50,000. We still need $30,000 now. Please donate to support us. Transfer your donation to Hang Seng Bank account 289-539272-001 (Account Name: Women Coalition of HKSAR). Please also send your name and amount of donation to our email box info@hkpride.net as a record. If any merchandise or service would be sponsored, please also send us an email to discuss.