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Theme of Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021 - Stay in Love

“Stay in Love” is the essence of our promise to “not be apart”.

The word “Apart” does not go alone without the emotion of pain. This pain is not uncommon to the LGBTQ+ community, as we inevitably face countless separations because of our identity. It may come as a form of parental opposition that separates us from our partners, or it could be the preservation of our true self that unfortunately led to the breakdown of our family relationships. Sometimes these separations are results of the discriminative and unjust societal system, which has put us under senseless and meaningless torment.

“Stay in Love” also carries the hope to be together. Leave or stay is perhaps an unavoidable question that we all have to go through these days. We might all be standing at the crossroads of the future, but do always remember we can choose to embrace the present, and try not to be apart. Even though some separations have unfortunately become unchangeable facts, we can still hold the hope of getting together in the future. Where there is love, there is hope for reunions. May every one of us who hold onto love, take this love as a promise to each other, and look towards a future in which we can be together.

In 2021, in the pursuit of a more diverse and LGBTQ+ friendly Hong Kong, we may still need to search for more means to get together. Even though the future is unforeseeable, let us all make this promise that we would seize every opportunity meeting with each other in the future, so that we won’t be apart.

The theme for Hong Kong Pride Parade this year is “Stay in love”. May we never truly be apart, let’s meet in love and look towards seeing a bright future together.

Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021 - Rainbow Market

Due to countless reasons, the hope for Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021 to hold parades and rallies is still impossible to come true this year. Yet, the steps we are taking for LGBT individuals to not to be discriminated against and to receive equal treatment in society should not be stopped. Just like we’ve always said, “Even if you weren’t courageous enough to set foot on the streets, even if we can’t parade in the streets that day, there will always be a way to support the LGBT community!” At the end of the day, we believe the public’s participation and the support from different social groups are the keys to make Hong Kong more diverse and more LGBT friendly.

This year, Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021 is infusing the old with new elements. On one hand, we are planning to incorporate bazaar elements in our activity this year, and at the same time we are preserving the highly interactive and most popular activity located at the finishing line in the past years, and thus bringing forth the new activity format of “Rainbow Market” to you.

Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021- Rainbow Market
Theme: Stay in Love
Date: November 13, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00 n.n. – 8:00 p.m.
Place: 8/F, The Wave, 4 Hing Yip St, Kwun Tong
Price: Free, the general public is welcomed to join

Introduction of the Rainbow Market activity:
This is an indoor market opened to the general public, the venue and activities that day will be split in three zones:

  1. Market Zone – around 30 small booths of different types of LGBT supportive businesses
  2. Stay in Love Zone – around 20 booths of sponsors, participating groups and the official activity booths of Hong Kong Pride Parade
  3. Pride Zone – different types of rainbow art installations for photo taking

May we meet each other again in this new activity format, may we never truly be apart, let’s meet in love and look towards seeing a bright future together.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR: LGBT+ People with Disabilities

Discrimination is already a huge challenge that the LGBT+ community commonly face, but having the double identity of being disabled meant that LGBT+ people with disabilities would be facing even more intersectionalor pertinent discrimination.

When we talk about disability, the medical and care aspects of it is often what comes to mind. It is as if apart from surviving, persons with disabilities have no other needs. This is inherently a “desexualisation” treatment- it is as if they don’t have gender, and don’t have sexual needs. Since the persons with disabilities may often be under the care of family members and often lack a private space for living because of their bodily or psychiatric constraints, romance and sexuality are topics that are difficult for them to touch upon. Adding on, there is also the factor that a lot of families or parents of the persons with disabilities do not know how to handle their romantic or sexual needs, or may even adopt a condescending or trivialising attitude. Therefore, faced with the extreme prejudice from family and society, coming out for LGBT+ people with disabilities is even harder than typical LGBT+.

Hong Kong has already passed the Disability Discrimination Ordinance early on in 1995, which is an ordinance that is inseparable with the advocacy of LGBT rights. For instance, this ordinance protects discrimination against those who are living with HIV/AIDS by outlawing verbal insults or offensive jokes, incitement of hated, etc towards those with AIDS. The most serious case in the past is the case in 1995, when residents in Richland Garden harassed and vilified the employees and the users of Kowloon Bay Health Centre (which offers service related to HIV/AIDS). Luckily, a settlement between the parties was reached before court action began. Furthermore, under the ordinance, Equal Opportunities Commission is able to handle complaints regarding discrimination against transgender individuals. According to EOC, one of the protected provisions in the ordinance is to ensure that after transgender individuals completed their gender reassignment/gender affirmation surgery, their official documents are reissued with only their new name and reassigned gender.

But despite all that, the LGBT+ community in HK rarely shows concern towards LGBT+ people with disabilities. The topic of concern for Hong Kong Pride Parade this year is “LGBT+ People with disabilities”. We are very honoured to have a few deaf LGBT people actively involved in our parade this year. We have managed to interview two of them, so that we can know more about the difficulties faced by deaf LGBTs. We have also invited deaf LGBT “NF” to create this year’s theme visual. May more LGBT+ People with disabilities be seen, and may we walk together with them on the path for LGBT+ rights.

Referring to section 2(1) of the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (“DDO”), a disability means: total or partial loss of the person’s bodily or mental functions; total or partial loss of a part of the person’s body; the presence in the body of organisms causing or capable of causing disease or illness (such as HIV/AIDS); the malfunction, malformation or disfigurement of a part of the person’s body; or disorder, illness or disease that affects a person’s thought processes, perception of reality, emotions or judgment, learning process. A disability includes not only a disability that presently exists, but also a disability which previously existed but no longer exists, or which may exist in the future or which is imputed to a person.

Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021 Official Party